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09 Aug 2017 |

VIP Reservations

For online reservation, please provide 24 hours in advance.
For reservation, please leave a message on the voice mail at 514-285-8885
Or reserve via text message at 514 991-4228.



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Celebrate your birthday on Friday !

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*Valid on Thursday and Friday nights only.
*Valid for a group of 6 persons or more during the week of your birthday. Please provide a valid ID.


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The VIP section reservation requires a $50 non-refundable credit card deposit which is deducted from the total bill for your bottle purchase.

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*Maximum of 10 persons by section.
*Minimum purchase of a 40 oz bottle (185$)

Would you like to add balloons to your reservation?

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You must still complete this form in order for us to match the booth to your balloon order and get things ready for you before your arrival.

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